How To Do 100 Squats A Day

How To Do 100 Squats A Day

There are a lot of causes to hate the squat. It’s onerous to get proper, for one. It hurts for days, too. So the considered doing 100 squats a day is, to most reasonably-minded individuals, absolute torture. Get by means of it, nevertheless, and the potential rewards are nice.

Positive, together with the bench press and deadlifting, it’s one of many ‘huge three’ actions of compound coaching, however getting it proper is much from easy. Like the opposite two, the squat requires you to rope in muscle teams from all throughout the physique, combining stability, energy, and energy to get it proper. All of which depends on good kind. No, scratch that. To squat with out harm, good kind is important.

We’re not speaking a couple of barbell squat, both. And even practising with the relative security of the smith machine. At its most simple, the body weight squat remains to be a troublesome beast to pin down. Which is why, within the identify of fine kind, sturdy good points, and injury-free quads, we corralled a number of the most interesting consultants within the enterprise to speak you thru mastering the squat. Name in the event you want a leg up.

The Consultants

  • James Citadel-Mason – an all-round wellness guru, and grasp coach and PT at London’s elite Roar Health.
  • Luke Worthington – in addition to being a incredible man, Luke is a biomechanics skilled and private coach working with MMA fighters, and Commonwealth and Olympic degree athletes throughout the UK, USA, Russia, and Europe. He’s additionally a motion and efficiency specialist at London’s Third Area.
  • David Arnot – As a PT working with wholesome consuming innovators Nutrifix, and a part of elite trainers Evolve 353, Arnot is aware of the significance of constructing a strong physique.

Why Are Squats Essential?

Let’s begin initially. Only a few males do squats for enjoyable. You by no means noticed a squat montage in a Rocky movie, in order that’s the purpose? Nicely, seems the advantages are as quite a few as Stallone’s veiny muscle groups.

Worthington takes a sensible method, stating that logistically, mastering the squat at dwelling means you get a superb exercise at dwelling and don’t need to journey to the health club, and aren’t restricted by journey time. Citadel-Mason goes a little bit deeper: ”Squatting is a superbly pure human motion, one which youngsters can do simply, however most fully-grown adults fail to do.”


So, why do children have the benefit? What have we misplaced that they nonetheless have? Citadel-Mason – and lots of different consultants – thinks the truth that most of us spend our time sitting at desks or enjoying Pink Lifeless Redemption implies that our our bodies turn out to be caught and we find yourself limiting our vary of motion. Should you don’t use it, you lose it.

The squat is helpful as a result of it forces us to maneuver in a method that needs to be second nature, however within the twenty first century world of workplaces and Netflix, isn’t pure any extra. However, grasp the squat and different office-induced issues like again ache will profit: “Body weight squats themselves and studying to sit down into the underside of a squat can drastically enhance your physique’s skill to re-learn misplaced motion patterns and stabilise within the backside place,” says Citadel-Mason.

So: squat extra, and also you’re posture will profit too.

Mastering the squat received’t simply profit you in the present day, both. As Arnot factors out, the older we get, the much less we have a tendency to maneuver. As we attain center age and past, squatting may help hold our hips cellular, in addition to strengthening the muscle groups across the hips and higher legs.

Biomechanics apart, the glutes and hamstrings are the biggest muscle groups within the physique, which means they burn essentially the most energy when stimulated. Squatting is, subsequently, one of the best fats burner you are able to do with out strapping on a pair of trainers, or forcing your self by means of a torturous HIIT routine.

What’s extra, constructing sturdy legs makes for a strong basis for different sports activities. Whether or not it’s rugby, climbing, snowboarding or fencing, just about something an able-bodied athlete does requires sturdy, sturdy legs with a full vary of movement. Your legs actually are the bottom of your health.

Weighted Squats Vs Body weight Squats

As Worthington identified above, a superb argument for specializing in body weight squats in your lounge is that you would be able to work to your schedule, and don’t need to queue up behind a bunch of meatheads for a free barbell. Additionally, you may all the time purchase a pair of dumbbells to maintain at dwelling so that you’re not squatting solely your body weight. Should you’re beginning out, grasp the fundamentals at dwelling earlier than you determine to construct on it within the health club.


“Whether or not you squat along with your body weight otherwise you maintain weight to make you heavier, the biomechanics are fairly comparable,” Arnot says. So, at dwelling or within the health club, you’ll be working by means of the identical motions. The primary distinction is that you’ll possible have entry to larger load on the health club, which means that after you’ve perfected kind you’ll be capable of achieve extra muscle there.


How Do I Carry out The Excellent Squat?

The very first thing to recollect is that getting arrange proper in the beginning of a squat is important. Stand along with your ft shoulder-width aside, your weight distributed over your ft, and evenly between the 2. “Think about your huge toe is bolted to the ground,” says Arnot. “Attempt to screw your knees outward; this may create a robust arch in your ft and create rigidity within the higher leg muscle groups. As you decrease, deal with hinging on the hip after which the knee. Don’t be scared to lean ahead, that can will let you sit your hips backwards into the squat.”


In relation to ft, it’s vital to recollect that almost all of your weight needs to be in your heels. You need to sit again right into a squat, not lean ahead, so the burden shouldn’t be in your toes. As with deadlifts, messing up weight distribution at this stage can imply your again will get roped in, which may be very harmful, and result in long-term aches and pains.

“As you get decrease hold your knees urgent outwards to create house so that you can sit into a pleasant low squat with out your decrease again having to bend,” continues Arnot. “Maintain your core stiff, to return again up push your ft into the ground and take into consideration squeezing your glutes and stand good and tall.”

“A mechanically sound squat ought to have the tibia (shin bone) and torso (higher again) stay parallel as you progress up and down,” provides Worthington. “These markers will make sure you’re transferring appropriately by means of the ankle, knee and hip joints.”


If movement is missing at a number of of those joints then ‘further’ movement is required on the others – primarily, you’ll overcompensate and the squat will turn out to be unbalanced.

How deep it’s a must to go is a query for you and also you alone. And whereas the intention is to sit down comfortably into the squat, see this as one thing to work in direction of, not the gold customary you need to hit on the primary go.

Worthington, for one, shouldn’t be a fan of this “ass to grass” method. “Pelvic anatomy is a person factor, an individual’s vary is set by their physique, their tissue extensibility, and their energy and motor management,” he says. “There isn’t any one measurement suits all.” The main focus, he says, needs to be on transferring your physique by means of the biggest vary of movement you are feeling snug with, whereas sustaining good postural alignment and avoiding ache.

Acquired all that? Nicely, simply in case you want us to undergo it once more, Citadel-Mason has put collectively the helpful three-point guidelines beneath:

  • 1. First Cue: Lookup along with your eyes. I see so many individuals unracking a bar and searching down at their ft. Don’t do that; your ft will naturally go to the place you want to them to. Whether or not utilizing a bar or counting on body weight alone, trying down loses tightness within the higher physique which is vital for environment friendly motion
  • 2. Second Cue: Brace – Think about somebody was going to punch your abdomen, you’d brace for influence, proper? Taking a bellyful of air and switching the abdominals on earlier than descending is a should for environment friendly and secure motion
  • 3. Third Cue: Screw your ft into the ground. Level your ft out, say 10 levels, then actively attempt to flip them on the spot, like a screw with out transferring them. This screw your ft into the ground movement works fantastically for getting the hip muscle groups engaged

How To Do 100 Squats A Day

Decelerate, soldier. You’ve simply carried out a squat you’re pleased with. Reaching 5 with good posture needs to be your first purpose. After getting that down, you may intention for 10, after which begin interested by 10 units of 10 over the course of a day. Rush this, and it’s false economic system; you’ll put your leg out on the primary rep, and that’s you carried out.

As soon as you actually, actually have your posture down, and might actually say you aren’t kidding your self, Citadel-Mason thinks one of the best ways to progress could be to intention for 10 squats a day, over one week. Then, intention for 20 per day the following week, and so forth. On this method, you received’t overload your muscle groups by doing 100 in in the future, then nothing for every week. Work every single day and your legs know to count on X quantity of labor per day, as an alternative of being shocked into pushing out 100 reps all of sudden.

Nonetheless having hassle? Arnot has a couple of workout routines that may enable you construct on the fundamentals: “Sit on a chair, and get up.” Acquired it? OK, thanks for studying, and have a terrific day. Oh, cling on, there’s extra: “Strive decrease chairs, then attempt hovering simply above the chair seat for 10 seconds. When you’ve mastered that, you may attempt the body weight squat,” he says.


Not solely will this positively burn out your hamstrings (in a great way) it’ll assist construct the steadiness required for giant numbers of squats. And when you’ve bought that down, you may work in direction of your 100. Strive 30 seconds of squats, with 60 seconds off. Maintain at it till you’ve managed 50 squats. When this turns into straightforward, lower down the remainder interval. For instance, you may do 10 squats in 30 seconds, resting for 15, which means you’ll obtain 50 squats in 3.5 minutes. You’ll be able to then construct as much as 75 squats, and so forth.

Arnot’s methodology is clearly totally different to Citadel-Mason’s however each will work. It’s only a case of seeing what works for you. Should you’re assured you’ve your posture down, and need fast outcomes gained safely, Arnot’s may give you the results you want. If you wish to steadily work your method up safely and slowly, Citadel-Mason’s may be a superb shout.

Something Else I Want To Know?

Humorous you need to ask. Sure. Avoiding harm needs to be a very powerful side of your squatting method. It doesn’t matter if you are able to do 100 in the future in the event you can’t stroll for the next week. Worthington suggests a vigorous heat up of leg, hips and higher again stretches, in addition to getting a PT to work with you thru your squats.

The cool-down is equally as vital, particularly in the event you’ve felt a twinge in your backbone through the exercise. Arnot suggests a lightweight stroll or cycle to assist get the blood transferring, clearing any toxins from broken tissue, in addition to provide oxygen and antioxidants to any broken websites. sports activities therapeutic massage or bathtub with Epsom salts may help your muscle groups chill out.

Lastly, Citadel-Mason warns in opposition to over-training. And, in the event you do really feel your self seizing up, be certain that to foam roll your glutes, hip flexors, adductors, IT band, and calves to make sure these muscle groups don’t get overly tight and tangled up, limiting motion.

Apart from that, hold pushing, deal with posture and weight distribution, and also you’ll nail it very quickly. It’s nearly placing within the leg work.

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